The Difference Between The False Gospel And True Gospel

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It has been claimed that “the Christ” came upon Jesus at his baptism and left him before his crucifixion. Undoubtedly, this was false and unscriptural. We need to keep in mind that this heresy is still taught by some today. We need to “test” these teachings to see if they really come from God.

  1. What is their concluding hope? Some people hope to make this world a better place. Mormons expectation are to become equal with God. Their hope is that each Mormon couple will be given their own planet to populate. Jehovah’s witness hope lies in the hope that God will come back to earth at the end of it all and establish a paradise here. They hope to live in paradise on earth. A true Christians hope is to spend eternity with Jesus Christ in heaven.
  2. What grounds this hope? Do they teach you that you can only make it to heaven if you live a great life? Do they say that you can only receive salvation by having faith in Jesus AND performing certain rituals, like baptism, keeping the Sabbath, or other works? We all must take note of “and’s.” Scripture tells us that God saved us by His grace alone when we believed in Him. We can not take credit for this; it is a free gift from God. Salvation is not rewarded for our good deeds we have done, so none can boast about it” (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  3. The view of Jesus Christ? False teaching also includes what someone claims about the person of Jesus Christ. Many cults try and make their teachings more appealing to the people in the church by including Jesus in their teachings. Most will even include the word “saved” and “born again” and Jesus dying. Some will pass the first couple test but fail the final test, which is believing that Jesus was resurrected from the dead.

Any religion/cult that tries to project doubt on the Bible’s sufficiency should be rejected. Any one that states that there is another way to God outside of Christ is false. To ever state that Jesus is not the only way would be saying that Jesus lied. Any time someone reduces Jesus to “just” the son of God or just a prophet of God is mistaken. The only way to know what is false is to truly understand God’s word.

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