The Two Natures of Jesus

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Jesus was fully God and fully human. Jesus was human because he was born of a woman; he matured, hungered, thirsted, was tempted, died a painful death, just the same as any other human would. But Jesus is identical with the person of the preexistent Logos, that he is one person who possesses both a fully divine nature and a fully human nature, natures that are without confusion or change, division, or separation. The two natures have attributes that they manifest are joined together in the one person of Christ. This is done by means of the “hypostatic union” and the resulting “communication of attributes,” which allow characteristics of both humanity and deity to be attributed to the person of Christ.

Jesus is not simply a man who “had God within Him,” nor is he a man who “manifested the God principle.” He is God in the flesh and who Christians call the second person of the Trinity. They are separate from one another, but they conduct themselves as a unit in the one person of Jesus. The attributes such as omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence are communicated to Christ’s person and available to him in the carnation, as well as the attributes that manifest in human nature, such as weakness, limited knowledge, and being in body.

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