Once Confined to Darkness “NOW” Walking In Faith!

I am here to share the gospel and proclaim what God has done for me and how he can help others who may be struggling in everyday life.

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Sweeter Than Honey To My Mouth!

Scripture compares God’s words to honey- pure, sealed, desirable, and absolutely fresh despite the millennia. The Bible also tells us: God’s Word is to be desired more than anything else you could delight in (Psalm 19:10). Besides the immediate joy of studying God’s Word, there are lasting and eternal benefits (Proverbs 24:13-14). A personal relationshipContinue reading “Sweeter Than Honey To My Mouth!”

Experience God’s Love

Sadly, many men think God doesn’t love them, favor them, or is in delight. In their heart of hearts, they feel God is angry at them or even distant and uncaring. Some certainly don’t trust what He does in their lives. This is a great disconnect that the Father wants to deal with in yourContinue reading “Experience God’s Love”

God Is At Work

What happens when it feels like God is dismantling your life? You can feel disappointed, disillusioned, even despondent. Have you ever felt so depressed you couldn’t even pray or read the Bible? It surely happens. When it does, you may come to find out that God is actively dismantling your theology in order to buildContinue reading “God Is At Work”

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